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Scharf Inspections is always a step ahead with your home inspection needs. We offer advanced inspection services using state of the art gadgets and the best laboratories in California for testing. Mold is one of our specialization inspection fields. Our Inspection team ranks on top of the best mold inspectors tier in Sacramento.

Scharf Inspections has performed hundreds of mold tests all over California. Over a decade of experience makes our certified local inspectors the best choice for mold inspections. Our inspectors are certified and trained, If you have mold in your home, we guarantee you we will find it for you!

Best Mold Inspection In Sacramento

Mold is a fungus found in moisture-prone areas, if left undetected, it can have serious health hazards; allergies, respiratory problems, and fatigue amongst a few. Other than its detrimental effect on one’s health, mold can cause immense damage to properties resulting in expensive repairs. 

Scharf mold inspectors specialize in mold detection. We offer prompt services and next-day reporting. Our inspector will visit your site and conduct an extensive search to locate mold wherever it may be. They will collect physical samples and air samples to determine if mold is present on your property.


Scharf Inspections For All Your Mold Inspection Needs In Sacramento

It’s not surprising to find mold in every other house in Sacramento. Even well-maintained homes can have mold issues due to weather conditions, faulty or leaking lines, flooding, or soil contact with the foundation. If you have detected the first sign of mold in your house, there could be more. Don’t Panic, if caught in time and eliminated, it can save you hundreds of dollars. Call us today and schedule an inspection as soon as the very next day!

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