Disinfection Services

At TruOrganic, our goal is to keep your home disinfected for longer

Helping you maintain your health and help the environment at the same time!

Create a safe, eco-friendly space for your family

Indoor air is full of germs and irritants not seen by the naked eye. TruOrganic is committed to ensuring that your home is healthier than ever. With this in mind, TruGreen pioneered probiotics, with a patented probiotic air purification system, which releases active cultures into the air for indoor general ventilation.

Your results: pollution levels are reduced by as much as 66%!

Protect your health & home with TruOrganic

There are many reasons to consider using TruOrganic for your office or home. Our methods provide safe, pure air that improves your quality of life.

Thousands of satisfied customers

TruOrganic is a local, family-owned company with specialty services and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee makes us the choice in the Indoor Air Quality.

You deserve clean air.

Anywhere with an inoffensive design while providing improved air quality. In addition, our indoor air disinfection solution provides redundant layers of defense against irritants such as dust mites, pollen, foul odor, or pet dander.

TruOrganics specialty chemical-free services and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee make us the number one choice in Houston for Indoor Air Quality.

Probiotic Air – the Key to Happy Living

It’s no secret that we breathe twice a day. So why not enjoy getting good grades and getting paid twice as much when you breathe drastically better through living in a healthy environment? The key to happy living starts with living in an environment that invigorates your every breath when inside your home..

Managing your office's indoor air quality and wellbeing

TruOrganic air purifiers provide a clean, filtered environment for your office, workspace, or home. Let our intelligent and gentle cleaning system clean up the dirty city air for you!

Relieve Symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome

We believe that small changes should be focused on in the long run; every day can make a big difference in how healthy you feel – so why not take advantage of TruOrganic’s air purifiers that provide healthier work and home environment?

Sick building? Try organic!

We know how to design sick buildings and air filters without the adverse effects of chemicals. In addition, our plant-based air purification systems require minimal maintenance do not require electricity, so they’re perfect for renters and office spaces.

Do you want us to make your life busy or easy?

At TruOrganic, we’ve made it our mission to help make this idea a reality. From Eco-friendly air purification solutions to economical pricing plans, we’re here to make your life easier today.

We are confident you're out there looking for other options as well.

TruOrganic places our services alongside comparable non-organic alternatives so you can make an informed decision with knowledge of all factors involved.

Feel good from the inside out

All of Our Proprietary Probiotic Formulas are Certified Organic and Synthetic Chemical Free. Your family’s health is our top-most priority, and we make sure it can flourish.

Lifestyle without compromise

Are you looking for an alternative lifestyle change? Need a way to resolve to deal with mold and harmful bacteria? There is no compromise with TruOrganics. We offer only the highest quality standards and chemical-free air purification solutions to give you a truly worry-free experience!

Chemical-based air purification solutions are harmful because when they contact plants, animals, and people, they can be harmful to health and the environment. In addition, the pollutants sprayed into the air disperse throughout the atmosphere, putting us at risk.

Since organic molecules are non-toxic for both animals and plants, our organic air purifications products are pure and healthy. Likewise, organic molecules do not harm people or animal life with high exposure levels.

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