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Fight Your

Indoor Mold

Indoor mold can be dangerous to your home and life. TruOrganics uses all-natural plant-based organic botanical enzymes to keep your house safe. This is an asthma and allergy-friendly way of removing or remedying mold in your home.

Have You Discovered Mold In Your Home?

If you spot mold, learn if the type is what you might be able to tackle yourself. Alternatively, contact TruOrganics for natural mold remediation services ASAP.

It doesn't smell bad – a little musty at worst.

Don’t let the odor fool you; many fungi and mildews do not have an individual odor. Instead, they grow where there’s excess moisture and rise when conditions are favorable (like high humidity) rather than being noticed.

Often feeds on solids as well as liquids.

Molds usually grow on organic matter, such as foods or natural fabrics with pooled water on them – and not just areas with excessive moisture. That’s how they spread so quickly.

Why Is TruOrganics The Best?

No hazardous products
Keep Toxic Chemicals away from your family and pets: human-friendly enzymes force out even the toughest molds from byproducts!

TruOrganics' bio-chemical technology uses all-natural, plant-based organic enzymes for effective mold remediation.

"Thinks Like Us"

Sick and tired of “one-size-fits-all” mold remediation companies who aim to milk your wallet with upsell services and unnecessary chemicals? So are we. TruOrganics is a Houston-based mold remediation company that is not satisfied with just eradicating the mold – our goal is to use a product line of plant-based, biodegradable, and natural formulas to fully remediate your home; it deserves the title “Home Sweet Home.” Be on the lookout for biohazard cleaning signs all throughout our site!

Homeowners In Need Of Mold Restoration Services

Looking for one dedicated professional who will give you all the right attention, regardless of pre or post-renovations? We’re more than happy to come onsite and get the job done right away with an honest quote for your mold remediation. So schedule an appointment and get rid of all your mold woes!

We're here to help!

Every day, we work with purchasers in similar situations as you are. We help them quickly and affordably by removing the mold with our allergen-free natural method that is 100% safe with your family, kids, and pets, even around or in your animals or soil at home.

Healthy, hassle-free home solution:

Don’t settle for other companies’ toxic cleaners when you can reap the many benefits of a TruOrganics home cleanup. Ask about our 3+ step, allergen-free process and routine furor plan that keeps your family healthy. Real-time services are available on the spot!

Helping you feel at peace - guaranteed:

We have an A+ rating and we’re bonded & insured professionals. Unless you have any major concerns (e.g., hidden costs), we can work with your budget to make things easy during this difficult time in your life and provide expert guidance about mold removal and our services. Don’t worry – call TruOrganics, and we will come straight to you!

Protect Your Home

Mold can cause health issues. Let TruOrganics Restoration help you dispose of the mold and help you get on the track to feeling better again. Call 713-401-2908 and talk with one of our restoration experts to get an estimate and make a space for yourself in our busy scheduling program!

Please Call Us to Take an Extraordinary Service!

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