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Mold Removal Services In Houston

TruOrganic Restoration offers eco-friendly, professional mold removal services using safer, plant-based products. Our certified service will safely erase toxic, harmful pollutants.

Take control of your health and do something proactive about the unsafe, toxic environment invading your home or business. Dare to clean at the root. Restore TruOrganic’s organic products for healthy living

Saving the Earth through helping families restore their homes

Professional and Certified Experts

We are certified with a quality management system & are an EPA-Registered Mold Remover service provider. Call us and Ask for assistance at our TruOrganic landline : 713-401-2908 With TruOrganics, it’s easier to stay out of the dark and fight mold. We are confident in our outcome, so we would never recommend anything we wouldn’t be happy to use.

TruOrganic Restoration - A holistic method to mold removal; Serving all over Houston, including Katy, Sugarland, Galveston, Harris County, Conroe, Magnolia, Cypress, Spring, and more.

Ditch the toxins

Mold danger lurks everywhere, especially in your home but don’t let it win! Our all-natural plant enzymes are safe for you and any surface and will be ready for use in 20-40 minutes, whether a patch of mold or a whole kitchen.

Have you ever known a cleaner who is so gentle and considerate but at the same time tough enough to remove even the nastiest mold problems? With Tru Organic Restoration, you can feel our company, whether cleaning or recovering from your worst mold disaster.

Eco-Friendly Green Solution

Don’t waste your money on companies that use harsh chemicals around your property; trust Nature with TRuOrganic mold removal services to provide safe, secure, and green solutions for everyone! Mold Stain prevention and removal are not a problem anymore. Tru Organic Restoration is always on your side!

Mold removal with a spray system that reaches where the mold is hiding

We offer an integrated vapor/spray mold remediation service than traditional methods. The best part is it is chemical-free, powerful, long-lasting, and 100% effective results.

Long-lasting Mold Removal Solution to prevent regrowth

TruOrganic Restoration’s unique active ingredients decontaminate your home or office without using toxic items or harsh chemicals. As a result, harmful contaminants are eliminated, leaving a healthy and mold-free environment.

How Does TruOrganic Work?

TruOrganic uses plant-based enzymes to get rid of the stubborn "mold" on the surface of objects.

How can it breathe life back into your home? Mold thrives when it’s undisturbed and surrounded by surfaces packed with water and other food sources. Unfortunately, climate change can cause severe mold issues.

Here is What One of Our Happy Client Says:

"I would advise you to use TruOrganics for any mold issues. They were patient with me, very professional, and knew exactly what to do about our problems. Highly recommended for their price, attention and the job was done in less than the scheduled time."

Please Call Us to Take an Extraordinary Service!

TruOrganics is your best choice for deep cleaning your home of mold, and that too is the organic way! SO WHY WAIT? Schedule An Appointment NOW!

Please Call Us to Take an Extraordinary Service!

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